Saint Patrick’s Day Special Traits

Saint Patrick’s Day traits are now live on the server and ready to drop! Will you have the luck of the Irish and find some? You have until March 18th!
Shade (Body, Tail, Eye, Fin): Gold
Bubble: Lucky Horseshoe
Fin: St. Patrick’s 2015
Eye: St. Patrick’s 2015

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02/27/15 – Congrats points winners!!

Yes that is right, I said winners instead of winner. Once I again I decided to go with three instead of one. 🙂
[09:01 PM] Standard No Time Raffle Board(copy): Congratulations Winners!
1st Place: TENDERSPIRIT1 Moonwall – Winner 5,000 points
2nd Place: SmexyAftermath Resident – Winner 4,000 points
3rd Place: EnriqueAntonio Resident – Winner 3,000 points
I will have Fisher add the points to your accounts tomorrow.
Thank you to all who entered and all who slapped that vote board. Keep voting daily!

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Pet Peddlers is having a raffle & you could win 2,500 release points.
Free to enter, do not enter on alts or you will be disqualified, entries
close at 6pm on Friday, March 6th. Raffle board is right next to
the Breedable Sims voting station. Give that a slap too while here!

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Will you be…Oh never mind, lol

Valentine’s special server drops are live. One eye, one fin, one bubble and one shade/three varieties of that shade. Guaranteed available until February 15th, may be longer, depends what mood we’re in on the 15th lol.

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In regards to our Mentors.

They are here to help new & old customers figure out how to operate the fish & the related systems, to help those who truly need help. They are NOT here to do your personal tasks, look genetics up for you, jump on command or anything of that sort. They are not here to be mocked & abused. These are folks who have been kind enough to volunteer their time to help make the PP experience better for everyone. We will not tolerate them being treated with disrespect for helping!

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Squashing another “Fisher Said” rumor

Its amazing that some have nothing better to do than make up things to spread around. Actually its a bit shameful to be honest that they have nothing better to do.
The rumor going around that you have to have a dolphin to get a new dolphin is FALSE! To the new and old breeders, if it doesn’t come from me or Voodoo, don’t believe it. If you ever have a question, check the Notices page on the website, all notices we post in here are posted on the website as well.

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Buying/Selling Size Glitch (huge/tiny) Fish

Most of you know there’s a glitch in the 4.51 fish causing some of them to be huge/tiny. We want to remind all, as was said when the glitch was 1st found in Nov., that all of these fish will go back to their normal sizes with the next update. We want to make sure those buying them specifically for their size have this info & ask that sellers (owners & auctioneers) please make this is clear to buyers. While it is a possibility, we cannot guarantee that you will be able to keep these as V4.51 pets.

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Raffle Winners Announcement

Fisher and I are in a good mood this evening so we decided to click the “Pick 3” winners button instead of only picking one winner for each raffle.. Yay!

Please see the note card below for the list of winners!

*Note card “May I have the envelope please…….” text below*

List of winners:

Normal Food:

[10:00 PM] Standard No Time Raffle Board(copy): Congratulations Winners!
1st Place: Starbright Wonder
2nd Place: Augustas Resident
3rd Place: Gisele Rodeyn

Predator Food:

[10:03 PM] Standard No Time Raffle Board(copy): Congratulations Winners!
1st Place: Tania Ivanovic
2nd Place: IsabelleIsabelle Resident
3rd Place: Jetblack Viper


[10:06 PM] Standard No Time Raffle Board(copy): Congratulations Winners!
1st Place: Thommes Voyager
2nd Place: MajesticIce Constantine
3rd Place: XXX...

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Pet Peddler Mobile Website

We are proud to announce the release of of Pet Peddlers Mobile Website. It has been designed to work with your mobile device (mobile phone or tablet). It has all the capabilities of the full website including user stats and a mobile grid search. Simply go to from your mobile device or tablet.

**Please let me know if any bugs are found so we can resolve them quickly for you.


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!WARNING! Last day to file food conversion tickets!!!

If you still have tablet food or predator bowls this is your last day to file a ticket to get that food converted to server side food. There will be NO EXCEPTIONS for anyone for any reason, period. Any food that a ticket is not filed for before midnight SLT tonight will be a loss. Name your support ticket “Food Conversion”. Any requests for food conversion after 11:59 pm SLT tonight will be denied.

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