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Steps to get started:

1. Read this entire manual.

2. Read the entire Pet Peddlers End User License Agreement notecard that came in your starter pack. If you did not receive an End User License Agreement notecard, please pick one up in the Pet Peddlers mainstore before beginning. You may also read the EULA on the website at

3. Rez your fish baby baggies either in water, in your tank or on your land. DO NOT touch, move or click birth on your bags until the green text that reads “Ready to Unbag” appears. Starter baby fish bags come in two colors. Pink bags are girls, blue bags are boys. Make sure the bags are not too close together, touching the food or, later when you have offspring baggies born, not touching the mother or other fish. If your bag is too close to another scripted object you will get the following message in local chat: “Please move me away from my mother or other scripted object to birth me”

4. Once the bag says “Ready to Unbag” you may click the bag and select “Birth” from the drop down menu. A baby fish will be born from the bag. Wait till the bag vanishes before you touch your fish.. NEVER move the fish or the bag during the birthing prcess as it will cause the birth to fail. Once the bag has vanished and your fish has updated to the server it is safe to click your fish to get the menu. While in the menu be sure to name your fish and record the fish’s UUID somewhere for retrieval later in the event that something causes your fish to disappear. We will need this information in order to replace your fish.

5. Clicking your fish will give you a menu:

In the main menu you will find several buttons.

Text On/Off – This will turn the hovering text on and off.(Text will alwaysdisplay for 10 seconds on touch)
Start/Stop – This will toggle the movement of your fish on and off
Settings – This will take you to the configuration menu.
Pet Stats – This will show just the stats and traits of your fish.
Parents – This will give parents stats of your fish.
Name Pet – This will allow you to name your fish. Follow the instructions on your screen.
Set Home – This will allow you to set the home point of your fish. Home is set automatically on birth and rez.
Grandparents – This will show the grandparents genetics if the fish has them to show.
Close – Closes Menu

Swimming – This will take you to the swimming menu.
Fix Rot – If for some reason your fish gets turned upside down or sideways this will correct the rotation.
Breeding – This will take you to the breeding menu.
Data Dump – This will dump the configuration data to your screen. Info like uuid, home, swim range will be displayed.
Bubbles – This will turn your bubbles on and off.(Default they are on.)
Make Bait – This is used to fill the predator feeder. WARNING – once the fish has been made into bait for a pred it is unable to be undone. Predator Feeder 2.0 instructions are below.
Turn In – This opens a menu to either chum your fish for predator food or turn it in for release points.
Main Menu – Returns you to the main menu.

Radius – This will allow you to set the radius your fish will swim from its home point. The default radius is 5 meterS.
Height – This will allow you to set the height you fish will swim from its home point. The default height is 1 meter.
Settings – Returns you to the settings menu.

Anyone – Your fish will breed to anyone
Group Only – Your fish will only breed to other fish in the same group.
Owner Only – Your fish will only breed to your fish.
Breed Off – These will allow you to toggle breeding on and off. If breeding is turned off your fish will still gain love but not be able to breed till turned back on. Simply select one of the above options to turn back on.
Partner – This will allow you to partner your fish. Make sure they both have the same setting for breeding(anyone, group, owner).
Un Partner – This will un partner your fish if it was partnered.
Close – Closes Menu
Settings – Returns you to the settings menu.

6. Feeding: Your fish will only eat Pet Peddlers Fish Food. If you purchased a starter pack from Pet Peddlers, the food crate can be found in your inventory. If you purchased a fish from another user or the food that came with your starter pack has run out, food can be purchased at the Pet Peddlers Main Store. If you do not feed your fish they will go into starvation. When this happens the fish will not be able to breed again until 3 days after the fish begins being fed again. You will not lose any breedings and there are no healing or med kits needed to fix a starved fish.

**If you fish stops eating, please try rerezzing the fish, also make sure the fish is set to the right group and are the current version before using the support portal.**

7. Fish Growth: Fish will take 7 days to fully grow and to become breeding age.

8. Breeding: Once your fish has turned 7 days old it will begin building love. Fish need 100% love to mate, which will take about 2 days. Once the fish reach 100% love they will mate and create one baby bag as long as hunger is below 15%. **Please make special note that the fish are intended to create only 1 baby bag per breeding. If more than one bag occurrs you must report this to Fisher Mode as stated in the Pet Peddlers End User License Agreement, you may not sell or distribute excess bags.** After creating a new baby bag, both the male and female fish will need 3 days to recuperate. Fish have 12 chances to breed in their lifetime. After these 12 breeding cycles have been used by a fish the fish will go into pet mode and will no longer require fish food. Fish that have used all 12 breedings and have become pets will still be able to be used as feeder fish for predator fish. Your fish will never die…unless you use it as a feeder fish or turn it in for release points.

9. There are 16 genetic traits for you to breed for, these will include:

breed, eye color, eye shimmer, eye dazzle, fin color, fin shimmer, fin dazzle, bubble shape, bubble color
bubble dazzle, body shimmer, body dazzle, body shade, tail shimmer, tail dazzle, body shade

**Please note all body shades except shimmer, dazzle and Dazzle & Shimmer are a combo trait. This means any fish with a body shade will have it on the tail as well.

10. Predator Fish: These fish will not eat Fish Food purchased from Pet Peddlers. They will need to eat fish that are turned into chum. This is another population control method, and will give a use and sellable purpose to the fish that become least popular and overpopulated.

11. Seahorses: Seahorses are a breedable within a breedable . Seahorses will eat Fish Food just like your fish, but beyond that will be their very own breedable animal.Their genetics are the same as listed above for the fish.

12. New Breed & Genetic Introduction: New breeds & genetics will be introduced in 2 ways. Some new breeds & genetics will be able to be gotten from random breedings called server drops while others will only come from starter packs. New predators will only ever come from server drops and are not required to be purchased.

14. Predator Food: The predator food is used to feed predators. It must be loaded by the user using the “Chum” button in the Settings menu. To load the feeder place the fish you wish to use next to the feeder and touch the fish, select “Settings” then “Chum”. The fish will load the server and then poof. WARNING WARNING WARNING – This can not be undone, once a fish is loaded for feed it is gone and can not be replaced.

15. Fish food: Fish food can only be purchased from Pet Peddlers. It comes in several sizes depending on the amount needed. When you purchase food from Pet Peddlers all you need to do is rez the food crate and let it load to the server for you, the crate will then delete.

Have FUN!!!!

The Pet Peddlers Website located at
For trouble/issue tickets please go to the support portal located on the website. When filing a support ticket please use your full Second Life® user name.

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