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Chat Commands

Advanced chat commands allow you to do many things. There are unlisted commands in the menu, group commands and advanced feeding commands. Below you will learn all of the commands, how to use them and what they do.

To use chat commands you must speak on channel 3. To do this you would /3 before your message.

Example: /3 text on

Commands List and Use

“/3 text on” – Turns all text On on fish in chat range.

“/3 text off” – Turns all text Off on fish in chat range.

“/3 all home” – Returns all fish in chat range to their home point.

“/3 fish name home” – Replace fish name with your fish to send just that fish home.

“/3 bubbles on” – Turns all bubbles On on fish in chat range.

“/3 bubbles off” – Turns all bubbles Off on fish in chat range.

“/3 breed off” – Tur...

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