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The Pet Peddlers API is set via the desc. field of the fish. Below I will explain each variable with a brief description of it.

We will offer no support of the API info for the fish. For those who don’t know how to pull the data please refer to the Second Life Scripting Wiki for help.
You could however use a llSensor to pull the data with llGetObjectDetails. If you get the data via a string you must convert it to a list using the llCSV2List() command. Remember that all lists start at 0 and not 1.

0 = Version
1 = Second Identifier
2 = Sex
3 = Age
4 = Hunger
5 = Love
6 = Movement Status(1 = on, 0 = off)
7 = Radius X – Radius The Fish is Set To Swim from Home Point
8 = Height – Height The fish is Set to Swim from Home Point
9 = Genetic Code
10 = Text Status (1 = on, 0 = off)
11 = Food T...

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