Eye Creator
Due to multiple requests for the ability to have users create their own special eye we have added this special feature. Users can download the provided eye template as a guideline to follow. This will allow users to create that special eye for someone they love, birthdays, weddings or any other occasion you can think of. Once you create your eye, simply file a support ticket with your SL user name, “PG” eye name, keeping it as short as possible and attach the eye file to the ticket using the attachments area at the bottom of the ticket. The cost to have a created eye added to the list of already offered eyes by Pet Peddlers is L$25,000. Once we receive the support ticket and file we will contact you in world for payment. Once payment has been received, we will add your eye to your choice of a male or female starter baggy, add it to the server and send you your new starter with your eye on it. You will be the exclusive owner of that eye, it will never be release by Pet Peddlers and only ever make it to the general public if you so choose to do so.

PSD Eye Template: Download PSP Eye Template: Download

Please note, your eye can not be one that goes with a Pet Peddler’s trait, one we are working on(we will inform you if this is the case), X rated, or a business logo(We can not police good and bad business practices). Pet Peddlers has the right to reject any request we feel fit. The provided template is to the size we use and is designed for you to use as a guide. The cost to have a special eye added to our genetic list is designed to be used as a gift or special occasion. We have priced it so that not everyone will request an eye. We have limited space for these so we will fill the available slots on a first come first serve basis.

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